For patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) receiving intensive chemotherapy, AML-SCORE and PINA-Score help to estimate 1) complete remission and early death rate in patients ≥60 years and 2) probabilities of overall and relapse-free survival in patients with AML with normal karyotype.
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The scores calculated by are meant to supplement and not to substitute clinical judgment. The decision to recommend or not to recommend intensive chemotherapy in AML can only be made by board-certified hematologists with sufficient knowledge and experience in the treatment of adult AML patients. Importantly, the scores that are calculated here are based on a patient population considered medically fit for intensive chemotherapy. In patients with serious co-morbidity that are non-fit for medically treatment, the scores calculated here are not valid. These scores thus DO NOT apply to patients outside this patient population, i.e. patients with contraindications against intensive treatment or - for the AML Score - patients younger than 60 years.

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The decision for initiating or withholding intensive chemotherapy is entirely the responsibility of the treating physician. The inventors of the scores and the website are in no way responsible for the actions taken as a consequence of the results.

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